Saccade Analytics revolutionises the diagnosis of concussion, dizziness, and neurodegenerative diseases through advanced software analysis of eye and head movements.

We develop solutions to provide healthcare professionals with objective measurements of brain function that they can use for diagnosis and treatment-tracking.

Helping Healthcare and Research Professionals

Headshot senior man with vertigo suffering from dizziness

Vestibular Clinics

Our classification and filtering of nystagmus provide better and more accurate data analysis for traditional clinical metrics (99% accurate vs. 60% accuracy provided by currently available software packages). We also provide you with more robust, advanced metrics.

ANS™ lets you increase patient throughput dramatically while providing superior care.


Concussion Professionals

We provide objective, data-driven metrics to support concussion diagnosis and monitoring. We can help your clinic during baselining, post-incident, and recovery stages.

We give you real numbers on brain function to help you diagnose, quantify progress, and tailor treatment.



We provide cutting-edge classification and filtering tools for recorded eye and head signals. Our software can generate field-specific metrics or processed data can be input into your own post-processing systems.

Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide you with a tailored solution for your application.

Our Product: ANS

Saccade Analytics' Advanced Nystagmus System™, or ANS™, is a cloud-based software service that provides objective, data-driven diagnostic metrics for concussions, dizziness, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Over 30 Years of Experience in One Package

Our president, Mimi Galiana, with over 100 publications in top peer-reviewed journals, has been at the forefront of oculomotor research for over 30 years. With the help of our team of PhDs, her experience has been distilled to power industry-leading performance with ANS™.

Biomedical Research

Fast Testing for the Busy Clinic

We know clinicians are extremely busy, so we've designed ANS™ to help you out. Testing takes only 10-15 minutes, compared to 90 minutes for a typical vestibular assessment. This means you can increase patient throughput dramatically, benefitting you and your patients.


A New Standard of Care for Your Patients

ANS™ has industry-leading performance and reliability. With our proprietary denoising and classification algorithms, our diagnostic metrics have unprecedented accuracy. ANS™ also provides previously unavailable metrics that have superior test-retest performance as well as increased sensitivity.


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