About Us

Saccade Analytics emerged from a biomedical engineering lab at McGill University. Through more than 30 years of work on gaze system modeling, we struggled with the limits of conventional gaze signal processing tools and knew there had to be a better way. Along with Dr. Henrietta Galiana, Dr. Iman Haji invented new methods of classifying and filtering gaze signals. These methods allow us to extract traditional metrics (envelope fit, main sequence, etc.) from the data but also open the door to new and previously un-observable metrics.  The emergence of eye tracking VR technologies allows us to bring our diagnosis tools to doctors, therapists, concussion professionals in clinics as well as in-the-field.

Dizziness and nausea are the number one reason people end up in the emergency room. Current methods of vestibular analysis are not viable on a large scale and this leads to mis-diagnosis or expensive imaging tests with long wait times. Our goal is to supply data-driven solutions for on-site, rapid, and reliable diagnosis and treatment for vestibular issues, concussions, and over 200 diseases that are expressed in gaze signals.

Our Team

Dr. Henrietta Galiana

Biomedical Eng.
McGill University

Francisco Galiana, PhD

Emeritus Professor
McGill University
R&D Lead


Iman Haji, PhD

Biomedical Eng.
McGill University

Isabel Galiana, M.Sc

U. de Montréal

Samuel Collins, B.Eng

Chemical Eng.
McGill University
Business Development

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