Advanced Nystagmus System: ANSTM


The potential of eye and head movement analysis is unlocked with ANS, our cutting-edge solution that provides objective, reliable, and accurate metrics on brain function.


ANS enables healthcare professionals to provide the next standard of care for concussions, vestibular problems, and neurological disorders.

Thanks to our proprietary algorithms and models, we can provide industry-leading accuracy and reliability on advanced metrics while providing an excellent patient experience.

Advanced Nystagmus System: Report Sample
Objective Metrics

Guesswork shouldn't be a part of medical decisions. ANS provides objective measures of brain function to empower healthcare professionals.

Treatment Tracking

Our system doesn't lose accuracy or sensitivity over time. With ANS, you can track a patient all the way to recovery.

Scientific Expertise

Our team of biomedical engineers has over 600 publications in this domain. When you go with ANS, you know you're backed by expertise.


It starts with a 3-minute set of tests in virtual reality, which measure how the patient’s eyes and head respond to basic tasks. Based on this data, our software generates a report of metrics specific to various key systems in the brain.

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Monitor - Upload Data

1. Test

A simple 3-minute set of tests in VR to measure how the patient's eyes and head follow targets.

Cloud - Upload Results to the Cloud

2. Analysis

The test data is uploaded to our secure cloud service, where it gets processed.

Report - Receive Report

3. Report

You receive a report of key metrics on the performance of different centres of the brain.


The following publications are selected from independent research not affiliated in any way with Saccade Analytics. They are provided here for reference on the use of eye and head movements in the evaluation of concussion and neurological disorders.