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Saccade Analytics Receives McGill CLIC Hakim Family Innovation Award

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Saccade Analytics Takes Home The Top Prize

Pictured above, Dr. Frank Galiana, R&D Lead at Saccade Analytics, accepts the 1st Prize of the McGill CLIC competition, the Hakim Family Prize for Innovation in Healthcare. Upon being asked about the award and its impact, Dr. Galiana spoke of his wife, Dr. Henrietta 'Mimi' Galiana, CSO and Co-Founder of Saccade Analytics: “Saccade Analytics represents Mimi’s lifetime aspiration, which is to drastically improve accuracy, clinical throughput and patient comfort when diagnosing and treating neurological disorders. Winning this award before our peers is a great recognition.  It will significantly help the company achieve this goal and support our upcoming beta launch and expansion into the U.S. market.”

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Eye-tracking VR Solutions for Concussion, Vestibular Problems, and Neurological Disorders

The winning innovation was Saccade Analytics' ANS service. A software suite that integrates with off-the-shelf VR goggles and analyzes eye- and head-tracking data from specific testing protocols to generate actionable clinical metrics normally only available with highly-specialized equipment. It gives objective, accurate metrics on such key neurological functions that can support diagnosis and monitor recovery of a patient suffering symptoms of concussion, vestibular dysfunction, or even neurodegenerative issues.

About McGill CLIC and the Hakim Family Prize for Innovation in Healthcare

The McGill CLIC competition and Hakim Family Prize for Innovation in Healthcare come from the vision of Dr. Raymond Hakim. The competition was designed to ignite innovation and spur forth the best advancements from McGill University and the Faculty of Medicine. We want to thank everyone involved for their support and efforts in putting together this fantastic opportunity, and we wish the best of luck to our fellow Semi-Finalists, Aifred Health, 3D Porous Printed Hip Stem, AIM-Brachy, and n-plex biosciences.

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