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Saccade Analytics Launches InSight

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Montreal, November 28, 2018 – Saccade Analytics (SA), a prize-winning Montreal-based start-up, is pleased to announce the launch of its software InSight for the evaluation of brain function. Health Canada-approved, InSight provides quick, accurate, diagnostic metrics on a patient’s cognitive and reflexive ability to perform coordinated eye/head movements, measures that are extremely sensitive to brain function deficits such as those resulting from concussions or neurological disorders.

“After so many months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the launch of InSight!” said Isabel Galiana, the company’s CEO. “In one 5-minute test, Insight provides information that today requires
numerous tools in different clinics. InSight will radically change how caregivers monitor brain health, will reduce waitlists, and personalize rehab!”

“This is a huge step forward from the traditional decades old instrumentation and metrics. InSight is designed to be compatible with off-the-shelf VR goggles and provides critical diagnostic
measurements whether indoors, at the side of the field, in a hospital setting or in schools.” said Dr. Mimi Galiana, Chief Scientific Officer and founder.

Based on decades of research at McGill’s Biomedical Engineering department and associated hospitals, InSight measures eye and head movements in response to specially designed moving targets. Based on neurophysiology, such target trajectories appear on the screen of a pair of VR goggles worn by the subject. These data are measured locally in clinics and sent to SA’s proprietary algorithms residing in the cloud for comprehensive analysis. In a matter of minutes as opposed to hours by current methods, InSight returns a full online report to the care provider, who generates an appropriate diagnosis and rehabilitation program. InSight is affordable, fast, reliable and portable.

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About SA

Saccade Analytics began in 2016 based on Dr. Mimi Galiana’s 30+ year research at McGill University in the field of eye and head movement analysis. She came to understand that although her work had
tremendous potential, much more was needed before it would help patients. With this goal, she founded Saccade Analytics and recruited Isabel Galiana to assist in building the business. Since then, Saccade Analytics has grown with the mission to improve the standard of neurological care by translating advanced research into accessible tools.

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